Much of what follows is just legal mumbo-jumbo that seems like it was probably designed to cure insomnia.  There are two primary concerns here for you to bear in mind:

  • We will do our best to be careful with your personal information.  We won’t sell it, barter it, post it online or pass it out on the street corner.  We will use your information only to produce quotes and insurance policies for you and at your request.
  • Insurance companies reserve their best rates for the people with the best credit scores and histories.  In asking us to quote your insurance, our companies will take a look at your credit score as a part of their rating process.  You may request a written statement describing the use of your credit in the rating process.

Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Informational statements regarding insurance coverage on this site are for purposes of general description only. The specifics of your policy may be different.  These statements do not amend, modify or supplement any insurance policy. Consult the actual policy, your agent, or your insurance company for details regarding terms, conditions, coverage, exclusions, products, services and programs which may be available to you. A request for contact via the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website does not mean a contract for coverage has been written or is in place.  Eligibility for a particular product or service is subject to the final determination of underwriting qualifications and acceptance by the insurance underwriting company providing such products or services.

This website does not make any representations that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss, or type of claim or loss, under any policy. Whether coverage exists or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any policy depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss and all applicable policy wording.  Contact your agent or insurance company with any questions you have about this.

Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. appreciates the trust you place in us when you ask us to help with your insurance needs. You trust us with your private, personal information when you purchase an insurance or surety product through our offices. We are committed to protecting your private information.  Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. has not ever and does not sell information about you to others.

To learn more about how Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. collects and uses your personal information, please read the following notice.

Where does Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. get my information?

We may collect personal information about you from:

  • The information provided to us on applications, other forms, or by interview, such as your name and social security number;
  • Your transactions with us, such as your payment history and claims information;
  • The information we receive from a consumer reporting agency, such as your credit history;
  • Publicly available information, such as that from a county tax assessor or that which is available online;
  • The information we receive from financial institutions or other in conjunction with the purchase of property or vehicles;
  • Other sources as necessary or available, for instance a family member or personal representative.

How Does Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. use my information?

We treat your information with respect and concern for your privacy. We do not disclose any nonpublic information about our customers or former customers to anyone except as permitted or required by law.

For example, we might share any or all of your information with our affiliated companies for the purpose of offering you products that may be related to the insurance or investment product you purchased. We might also disclose any and all information we have collected about you to the companies that perform services on our behalf that are related to your purchase, such as a motor vehicle report. When we make this type of disclosure, it is done to service your account or policy or to inform you about the available products and services. Before disclosing your information, we require these companies to promise to keep it confidential and use it only for the transaction we request.

How does Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. protect my information?

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Does Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. see my medical records?

Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. obtains medical information only in connection with specific products or claims. We will not use or share personally identifiable medical information for any purpose other than the underwriting or administration of your policy, claim or account or as otherwise disclosed to you when the information is collected.

If you have any additional questions about the privacy of your personal information or about your insurance needs in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your trust and understanding.

Disclaimer Notice

Illustration of Information Only:

All information contained within the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. internet website is meant solely for general information purposes only. Any offer of insurance or a product or service may be subject to certain conditions, limitations and exclusions not contained within the website information. Requesting an insurance rate quote via the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. or any other linked third-party website does not constitute a binding of insurance coverage or guarantee of policy issuance. Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. assumes no responsibility, implied or otherwise, for failing to respond to a request for an insurance rate quote.

Disclaimer of Liability:

In preparation of the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website, every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct and clearly expressed information possible. Nevertheless, inadvertent errors in information may occur. Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc., its management and website author disclaims any responsibility for typographical errors and accuracy of the information that may be contained within the web pages. Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. and its website author reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

The information posted on the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website is provided via access to the internet. Because the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website connects to the internet, once you leave the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website, Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. and its website author cannot control the information you access. Each individual site has its own set of policies about what information is appropriate for public access.

The information and data included on the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website may have been compiled in whole or part by the management of Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc., website author and administrator or other sources and are subject to change without notice. Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. and its website author and administrator makes no warranties or representations regarding the quality, content, completeness or adequacy of such information and data. If misleading, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate information is brought to our attention, a reasonable effort will be made to fix or remove it. Such concerns should be addressed to the management of Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc..

Disclaimer of Reliability & Damages:

Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. makes no representation or warranties regarding the condition or functionality of this website, it suitability for use, or that this web service will be uninterrupted or error-free.  By using the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website, you assume all risks associated with the use of this site, including risk to your computer, software or data being damaged by any virus, software or any other file which might be transmitted or activated via a Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. web page or your access to it. Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including and without limitation, lost revenues or lost profits resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc.  website.

Disclaimer of Endorsement:

The Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website may occasionally provide a link to a third-party website. Any link made available is meant solely as a convenience. Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. is not responsible for the products or services offered or the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site or any other content or data and does not make any representation regarding the cost or quality of the products or services offered or the content or accuracy of the materials on such website. The views and opinions of linked website do not necessarily state or reflect those of Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc., its management or website author and administrator.

Transfer of Information, Email and Surveys:

If during your visit to the Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. website, you participate in a request for insurance rate quote, survey or send an email message, we will use your information to respond appropriately. This may be to respond to you, to address issues you identify, to further improve our website or services, or to forward your request for insurance rate quote, survey or email message to another individual for appropriate action. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

What Information is transmitted through using this website?

  • Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. collects site-aggregate and customer-specific information about the pages you view on our site. We may log IP addresses, browser and platform types, domain names, access times and referral data. We also collect information a customer volunteers on surveys and electronic forms. This information may be used to improve our website and/or to respond to your request for assistance or information.
  • Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. gathers data on its website. This is a standard industry practice and is used to find out how visitors use our site. We collect aggregate information on the public areas of our website. We may collect the following data:
    • How many people visit our website
    • The pages they visit and the features they use
    • How long they stay on our website
    • The website people come from before reaching our Web site

Use of “Cookies”
Klopfenstein Insurance, Inc. may store a cookie on your computer when you visit our website. A cookie is a tiny piece of information that is required to create and maintain a secure session. Cookies let you request information and do business online. Cookies do not have confidential or personal information. They do not track a user after leaving our website. We use a third-party tracking utility, which may set cookies, to analyze how users move within our website.


If you have any additional questions about the privacy of your personal information or about your insurance needs in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your trust–it is not something we take lightly!

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