Why Use An Independent Insurance Agency?

Bent ScrewdriverDon’t tell my dad, but my toolbox is full of bent screwdrivers.  He always told me to “use the right tool for the job,” but I often find myself using the closest tool instead of the correct one.  So I end up bending screwdrivers opening a paint can one day, and trying to loosen a screw with a pry-bar the next.

It makes good sense to use different tools for different jobs.  You may be able to force a tool into a job it was never designed for, but using the right tool sure makes the job go smoother!

One benefit of an independent insurance agency like Klopfenstein Insurance is that we represent many different insurance companies.  Your situation and needs are different than your neighbor’s, and may be a better fit with a different company.  Just because he saved 15% by switching his insurance doesn’t mean you will too.  Also, your situation may change over time, and you may need us to “go shopping” for you periodically.

Many of the “big name” insurance companies whose ads you may see on TV or hear on the radio Empty Toolboxrequire their agencies to only sell their products; this is called a “captive agency.”  If you fit their product, they can be a great fit for you.  But for many people, they don’t quite fit, and they end up overpaying.

Full ToolboxThis is the insurance equivalent of having one screwdriver in your toolbox.  Doesn’t it make more sense to go with an agent with a variety of tools – one that listens to your situation and finds the right tool for the right job?

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